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פסיכולוגית ילדים באשדוד
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אלים יווניים תמונות Women DI
It's not easy to open your season at Ashdod, as Ramat Hasharon learned first hand tonight in a 57 - 98 loss. Petah Tikva blew out Holon, Ramat Hen edged Rishon. Ramla's game was postponed to Thursday, and they lost at Galil.

פירוש חלומות קבלה רצח
שמיכת פליז שרוולים Women DI
Only two games took place in the 1st round of the Israeli women's 2012/13 season. Financial problems prevented Ramla from showing up to play Natanya, traffic accident caused Petah Tikva to postpone their game at Ramat Hashaon. On the court, Ashdod beat Rishon and Galil won at Holon.

רק רוצים לרקוד פרק 19
כל ערב הוא יחזור אלייך יפה יותר בדלת הכניסה Women DI
The starting point guard of the new WNBA champion will board a long flight in a few days and land here, in Israel, in Ramat Hasharon. The coaches already tabbed her as pre-season MVP, and 'Safsal' is very excited for Briann January's return. Inside we'll try to explain why you should be, too.

משחקים אופנועים וואלה כיף
הורמונים לגיל המעבר Women DI
Those three words are what Plenette Pierson uses to define herself. Much has been said and written about this player who first came to Israel nearly a decade ago, and led Ashdod to a historic season. Moments after cutting down the nets, we decided it was time to let Pierson do the talking and listen to what she has to say about Ashdod, Ramla, herself, the Israeli players and more.

מגיע לך כסף ממס הכנסה
זה בית משוגעים שיר Women's DI Playoffs
Plenette Pierson came up with a fitting definition for Ashdod's season, which ended with a crazy overtime win in game 5 to complete a historic double. All comments from both teams - inside.

מזג אוויר לימבורג הולנד
כשהיינו ילדים יפה ירקוני ושושנה דמארי Women's DI Playoffs
We couldn't ask for a more fitting finale to such an amazing finals series. Tied at 33 at the break, tied at 58 at the end of regulation, nerve wrecking overtime decided by one offensive rebound by Kolodny who then made two huge free throws to make it 70 – 66 with 4.9 secs left, and set off the yellow celebrations.

רטיבות בקיר סכנות
חופשה רומנטית בחורף Women's DI Playoffs
The women’s playoffs finals is going the distance for the first time in 5 years, thanks to Ashdod’s huge win in Ramla. Ashdod came back from a 14 point deficit and managed to surpass 60 points for the first time in the series in route to a 67-57 victory. Plenette Pierson, who received the season MVP trophy at the half, carried her team with an impressive performance including 12 points in the 4th quarter to ruin Ramla’s planned celebration.

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